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Our community webcasts are a great way for us to stay connected. Each month we cover a topic relevant to the community as well as news updates, and short testimonials from community members. Below are links to replays of previous meetings. Watch my Community Manager Corner blog for notifications of upcoming meetings and published replays!

Video replays are posted on our YouTube Channel at


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September 24, 2013

How to Manage Projects and Products Effectively with IBM Connections

Speaker: Marlon Machado

Kathy Brown, PSC Group Download the replay files
August 27, 2013

What's New in IBM SmartCloud for Social business

Speaker: Dave Durazzano

Daniel Lieber, Innovative Ideas Unlimited Download the replay files
July 23, 2013

OpenSocial technologies and standards for Social Business

Speakers: Don Buddenbaum and Andy Smith, IBM

David Price, Meridian IT Download the replay files
June 25, 2013

IBM Forms Experience Builder 8.5

Speakers: Martin Lechleider, IBM; PJ Knight, Children's Medical Center Dallas

Fredrik Norling, QNova Systems AB Download the replay files
June 4, 2013

Portal at the Speed of Light: Techniques for IBM Worklight Integration

Speakers: Handly Cameron, Prolifics; Laks Sundararajan, Mindtree

John Jardin, Ukuvuma Download the replay files
April 23, 2013

XPages: A Remedy for the Healthcare Industry

Speakers: Sam Bridegroom, Bridegroom Technologies, Inc.; Abby Butts, Hendricks Regional Health

Paul Withers, Intec Solutions, Ltd.

Download the replay files

March 26, 2013

What's New In Connections and Introduction to Connections Content Manager

Speaker: Luis Benitez, IBM

Theo Heselmans, Xceed Download the replay files
March 5, 2013

What's the Latest with OpenNTF

Speaker: Niklas Heidloff, IBM

Serdar Basegmez, Developi Information Systems Download the replay files
January 22, 2013 becomes!

Speakers: Sarah Cenedella, Julia Weisman, Wellesley Information Services

Glenn Kine, Perficient Download the replay files
December 11, 2012

What's new in IBM SmartCloud for Social Business

Speaker: Dave Durazzano

Francie Tanner, Panagenda Download the replay files

November 13, 2012

(replay available until Aug 13, 2013)

Mark Your Calendars: IBM Notes and Domino Social Edition Preview

Speaker: Ed Brill

Bruce Elgort, Elguji Software Presentation file
October 23, 2012

How can we better connect with you through social media?

Speaker: Kevin Winterfield

Julian Robichaux, Panagenda Presentation file
September 7, 2012

IBM Connections "Next"

Speaker: Luis Benitez

  Presentation file
July 24, 2012

Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5.3 Upgrade Pack 1

Speaker: Eric Otchet

Simon Vaughan, Cardiff University

Baan Slavens, IBM

Community news presentation

Notes Traveler presentation

June 26, 2012

IBM Connections Suite

Speaker: Diane Loomis

Bill Malchisky, Effective Software Solutions

Colleen Hayes, IBM

Presentation file
May 22, 2012

Exceptional Web Experiences

Speakers: Gary Dolson, Mike Monday

Mike Ostrowski, Ascendant Technologies

Tamara Gunter, IBM

Presentation file
April 24, 2012

How Can Social Business Increase Your Sales?

Speaker: Chris Lamb

Special speakers live from SugarCON:

Chuck Coulson, SugarCRM

Larry Bowden, IBM

Presentation file
March 27, 2012

Take your social business to the cloud with IBM Sametime and IBM Connections

Speakers: Marc Pagnier, Fernando Salazar

Mitch Cohen, Colgate-Palmolive

Matt Collins, IBM

Community news presentation

Cloud presentation

February 28, 2012

IBM SmartCloud for Social Business

Speaker: Dave Durazzano

Femke Goedhart, Silverside

Ben Pasmore, IBM

Community news presentation

SmartCloud presentation

No January  webcast Lotusphere was our January community event! Join the ongoing Lotusphere community to access conference content and participate in discussions from the event.    
December 13, 2011

Get social with Notes / Domino 8.5.3

Speaker: Pete Janzen

Sharon Bellamy, Applicable

Val Paul, IBM

Community news presentation

Notes 8.5.3 presentation

November 15, 2011 - an opensource alliance created by the community, for the community

Speakers: Bruce Elgort, Niklas Heidloff

Giuseppe Grasso, Dominopoint

Larry Sweeney, IBM

Community news presentation presentation

October 25, 2011

Live from the Information On Demand (IOD) conference - a perspective on customer and social media analytics

Speaker: Brendan Grady

Simon Vaughan, Cardiff University

Kevin Gilhooly, IBM

Community news presentation

Social media analytics presentation

September 27, 2011

Rethink your processes

Speaker: Chris Lamb

Lidia Vikulova, IBS Bulgaria

Soheel Chughtai, IBM

Presentation file
August 31, 2011

IBM's Mobile Solutions for Social Business

Speakers: Jan Kenney, Rob Ingram

Paul Mooney, Bluewave Technology

Amy Smith, IBM

Presentation file
July 26, 2011

IBM Lotus Symphony update

Speakers: Leah Backus, Don Harbison

Eileen Fitzgerald, GSX

Colleen Walker, IBM

Presentation file
  June replay not available    
May 24, 2011

IBM Collaboration Solutions User Experience update

Speakers: Velda Bartek, Cara Viktorov, Michelle Cooper

Flemming Christensen, IBM

Eileen Fitzgerald, GSX (rescheduled)

Presentation file
April 26, 2011

Ask the Sametime Team!

Speakers: David Marshak, Pat Galvin, Fernando Salazar, Amy Travis, Tracee Wolf

Carl Tyler, Epilio

Vinny Rohatgi, IBM

Presentation file
Mar 22, 2011

Redbooks wiki: Creating Plugins for Lotus Notes, Sametime, and Symphony

Speakers: Mikkel Heisterberg, Tim Parsons

Declan Lynch, Czarnowski

Stacy Lieder, IBM

Stuart McIntyre, Darren Duke - This Week In Lotus Podcast

Presentation file
Feb 22, 2011

Lotusphere Class of 2011

Speakers: Michael Baum, Dawn Friedel, Stephanie Joy

Adam Lazarus, Univ. of Tampa

Dana Liburdi, IBM

Community updates

GBS College

Jan 25, 2011

Lotusphere goes social!

Speaker: Jacques Pavlenyi

Martin Meijer, Saxion

Barry Rosen, IBM

Presentation file
Dec 14, 2010

'Listencast' - an open discussion on community

Panel members: Joyce Davis, Mary Beth Raven, Velda Bartek, Ed Brill, Luis Benitez, Kathy Mandelstein

Robert Paré,

Kathleen Murray, IBM

Presentation file
Nov 16, 2010

Lotus product wiki enablement

Speaker: Amanda Bauman

Jeremy Hodge, ZetaOne

Paul Hannan, IBM

Presentation file
Oct 26, 2010

VideoFest Kickoff

Speakers: Joyce Davis, Sharyn Richard

Updates from IBMers: - Niklas Heidloff

Value of IT certification - Sara Nicklin

Presentation file
Sept 28, 2010

IBM Lotus and WebSphere Portal Business Solutions Catalog

Speakers: Peter Burkhardt, Ken Green, Cindy Schiegoleit, Suneil Berajawala

Catalog link:

Reference Material for the catalog

Jim Casale, IT / Collaboration Specialist Presentation file
Aug 24, 2010

7 Considerations when creating self-serve apps for Lotus Notes

Speaker: Eric Mack

None this month due to limited time

Community update file

Eric Mack's presentation

July 27, 2010

A discussion about future opportunities for Notes/Domino professionals

Speakers: Ed Brill, Arthur Fontaine

Mark Hughes, Hughes Connect


June 22, 2010

Tungle and Gist - Tools to help you connect with other Lotus experts

Speakers: Jonathan Levitt (Tungle) and T.A. McCann (Gist)

Lisa Duke, Simplified Technology Solutions, Inc. File
May 25, 2010

Planet Lotus

Speaker: Yancy Lent

Foua Vang, NGK Ceramics

Leah Backus, IBM

Apr 27, 2010

Using Social Networks to Consume Lotus Information

Speaker: Chris Miller

Keith Brooks, Vanessa Brooks, Inc.

Ronan Dalton, IBM

Community Info

Social Network Info

Mar 23, 2010

The Lost Art of Forum Etiquette

Speakers: Tom Duff, Kathy Brown

Sean Burgess, ASND Designs

Susan Bulloch, IBM


Feb 23, 2010

XPages: The truth is out there (in the real world)

How we developed and deployed the Lotus product wikis on the Lotus Domino XPages wiki template.

Speakers: Craig Lordan, Kevin Giles

Corey Davis, CSC

Tina McLeod, IBM

Jan 26, 2010

A discussion and demo of the new IBM Support Portal

Speaker: Christie Williams

Muhammad Sabir, AAC

Terri Puckett, IBM

Dec 15, 2009

A review and discussion of the new XPages forum design update

Speakers: Craig Lordan, Tracey Toombs, Steven Frank

Handly Cameron, Softchoice

Lynn Quigley, IBM

Nov 17, 2009

Podcasting Lotus Information

Speakers: Bruce Elgort, Julian Robichaux

Gabriella Davis, The Turtle Partnership

Jeff Smith, IBM

Community Info

Podcasting Info

Oct 27, 2009

Publishing documentation in wikis

Learn how we are using wikis to improve product documentation for IBM Mashup Center and Lotus Foundations, and find out about our plans to expand to other products.

Speaker: Jen Heins

David Leedy,

Andre Guirard, IBM

Sep 29, 2009

Update on, an open source community for Notes Domino developers

Speakers: Niklas Heidloff - IBM, Ludwig Nastansky - PAVONE AG

Carlos Casas, The Rock Team

Per Henrik Lausten, IBM

Aug 25, 2009

Contributor recognition program proposal

Speaker: Rob Flynn

Tim Tripcony, Lotus 911

Dirk Tysmans, IBM

July 28, 2009

Using social media to participate in and contribute to the LTIE community

Speaker: Kendra Bowker

Bruce Lill, Kalechi Designs

Mark Skurla, IBM

June 23, 2009

IBM Custom Content Assembler overview and demonstration

Speaker: Michael Beaver

How to become an IBM Press author - requirements, process, incentives and how to get started

Speakers: Ellice Uffer, Steve Stansel

Stuart McIntyre, Collaboration Matters

Mac Guidera, IBM